Addicted to Sugar…

Addicted to Sugar…

I can safely say that I am addicted to the sweet tastes of sugar. I have some friends who like smoking, some that like other things, me – I’ve always loved sweet things, be it chocolate, lollipops, fruit pastels, toffee, or the many fizzy drinks like coke, lemonade, mountain dew, iron bru, and tend to eat them most while sat at work at my desk.

I am in the process of reducing my sugar intake as sure that is not helping with my health in general and it seems even more difficult that the exercise and running. I presume though that if I manage to cut down sugar intake then my weight management, and general toning from the regular exercise will improve well too.

Salad Pots

Salad pot I made for snacks – Very Tasty

It is not easy to cut down, I manage for a few weeks then get that craving and have one or two then don’t stop. I’ve found the best way in the house is just not to buy any to keep there and snacking there has generally stopped even with the cravings. I’ve read many articles online about how its a good idea to reduce sugars and when I measured my intake, I found its insanely high.

I’ve tried making snack pots of fruit and salad and they see me through but still fruit has lots of sugar in it. I’ve also tried many different dishes and will generally cook from scratch so know what is going in my food – Cutting down sugary fizzy drinks and instead having soda water is nice for a while but flavours are generally full of sweeteners or sugar which isn’t great for you.

Will I manage it? Well – it is just another challenge for my health. I want to be able to do so much more in life and enjoy foods but IF I keep with the high sugar, there is a possibility for diabetes and I don’t want that so changing my attitudes slowly.

A few weeks ago at university while lowering the sugar intake I tried having some 7-up and reacted with “WOW thats sweet!” and couldn’t drink it – it tasted like pure sugar in water and in reality probably was but I’d never noticed before how sweet it truly was.

So I will continue, Only 2 weeks until the event now and another change to master.

Various dishes I am making

Thanks for reading – Do you have any suggestions that could help me. I know not to go cold turkey from everything but just trying different ideas to reduce sugar now.

– John

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